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   Sample SoC/ASICs by Comit


Foundry: TSMC 0.13 micron
4 million gate 672 MHz ADSL Residential Gateway SoC. Embedded VLIW processor, 23 clock domains, 14 different IP, SDRAM, PLL.


Foundry: TSMC 0.18 micron
2.5 million gate 87 MHz Image Processor. ARM 7 TDMI. Built-in NTSC/PAL video encoder, image pipeline, histogram engine. 16 SERDES I/F @400MHz.


Foundry: TSMC 0.18 micron

1 million gate 87 MHz Video Imaging System, 7 million pixel CMOS image sensor. Built-in NTSC/PAL video encoder. 16 SERDES I/F @ 400MHz. 1T-SRAM / MBIST.



Foundry: TSMC 0.18 micron
300K gate 550 MHz Triple Video Digitizer with Digital PLL. 3-channel 8-bit analog front end for Digital Displays, LCD Monitors, Plasma Panels


Foundry: Agere 0.2 micron
750K gate 112MHz USB to HPNA adapter. HPNA Network Controller.



Foundry: Lucent 0.2 micron
750K gate 112MHz high-speed USB to HPNA adapter. ARM 940T.Bus powered. On-chip instruction cache, data cache and USB PHY.



Foundry: NEC 0.35 micron
550K gate 48 MHz multiple-network interface chip. PCI, ADSL, Ethernet, USB, HPNA, DAA, SLIC



Foundry: TSMC 0.5 micron
125K gate 24MHz Toy Controller. Mixed signal chip for on-screen, real-time animation of real-wolrld toy on PC. Integrated analog front-end with digital computation backend