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Single-board Computer:
7.5"x 11" 8 layer FR4
Motherboard incorporating VIA Eden chipset. PCI, DDR memory, FLASH, USB 2.0, DVI, RS-232C & Audio ports

FPGA Design: APA150 (150K gates) PCI to Peripherals I/F ( 6 interfaces)

SOFTWARE Design: BIOS porting, Linux porting PCI device drivers for 6 I/F

VGA CCD Sensor to 1394B I/F board:
4" x 4" 12 layer FR4
DMA to FireWire Bridge chip
Proprietary I/F signals

FPGA Design: Xilinx XC3S200 (200K gates) DMA, Signal translation, buffering to external memory

SOFTWARE Design: WDM 1394b device driver for Windows XP. DLL Implementing the API Specified by customerApplication Camera control Program including GUI


MIL-STD Avionics I/F Development Platform:
8" x 8" 8 layer FR4
RAM, FLASH, Ethernet, MIL-STD 1553 B, USB, RS-232C, ADC

FPGA Design: APA 600 (600K gates) Target an existing VHDL based 8051 core to the FPGA. Interface an existing VHDL based Ethernet 10/100 MAC core to the 8051,USB, RS-232C & MIL-STD 1553B

Create Software to run on the 8051, using external memories, to implement a basic web server. This web server allows a remote browser to view the output of the ADC on the board (voltages and temperature from the sensor). The remote browser is also able to send text that is displayed on the LCD panel